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Fed Gov Con Connect is born out of The McPherson Square Business Council which was founded by Mr. Warren O. Edwards in 2006. As a successful business-oriented Banking Manager whose office resided in McPherson Square, Washington, DC., Mr. Edwards started the McPherson Square Business Council as an effort to support his Small Business / Federal Government procurement customer base. One purpose of this organization was to host monthly Teaming and Networking events as a platform to encourage these entities to work together in order to win Federal Government Contracts. He further strengthened his reach into this vital market by developing strong relationships with top Federal Procurement Professionals who were actively engaged in consistently speaking at and participating in Warren’s networking occasions.  
In an effort to effectively expand the scope and reach of MSBC (the McPherson Square Business Council), Mr. Edwards decided to change the name of his company to Fed Gov Con Connect. His rationale was to provide his concern with a name that reflects the growth and scope his business has made over the past 16 years. He has partnered with Teaming Partners who have over 125 years combined experience in Federal Government Contracting. Most have served the majority of their careers making direct decisions on who won Federal Government contracts. Together, he and his Team are passionate and committed to providing the best possible solutions for government contractors looking to expand their businesses exponentially. 

Lets Connect!

We love our clients, we look forward to connecting with you!

P: 301-440-0282 E: wedwards@fedgovconconnect.com

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