Training & Development to Help your Business Excel

As earlier indicated, a great deal of our training will be conducted in a hybrid format (in person for primarily local to DMV clients and via Zoom or Google Meets customers located primarily outside a 50 mile radius of the DMV). This way every contractor obtains tremendous real time value from what our over 125 years experienced trainers have to offer. We will be providing monthly Podcasts and specialized Zoom training for those interested in learning more about various popular Gov Con issues (for example; how to obtain Set-a-Side certifications). 

Coming soon, we will have an extensive LMS (Learning Management System) built into our website that will feature archived training presentations on subjects like Best in Class Proposal Writing Skills. Listed below will be some of the other key training modules (will include real instructors via video): 

From LinkedIn to Totally Connected!

Business to Government Networking during and after Covid.

Market Intelligence

How to effectively search the Federal Market Space for contracting opportunities.

Business Development

How to build the best relationships with decision makers in the Federal Space.

Lets Connect!

We love our clients, we look forward to connecting with you!

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